The aims of the Team are to provide information on rural, environmental and health issues and to raise awareness of national and international affairs

Some WI members at a climate event

We also:

assist members with the proposed resolutions to be debated at the NFWI Annual Meeting by providing background research and specialist speakers.

The team’s role is to:

  • Educate, organise and promote awareness around matters that are important to members.
  • Work on NFWI resolutions and mandates.
  • Keep members informed on relevant current and international affairs.
  • Highlight and raise awareness of the problems of climate change.
  • Increase awareness of science and technology.

So much to get involved with.

Current Affairs (formerly and elsewhere known as Public Affairs and International) is the Committee that acts on our campaigns and related subjects, including environmental concerns. We also give advice on members’ draft resolutions.

Recent events include:

  • Celebration of Nepal.
  • Support for dementia.
  • The science of the cream tea.

Forthcoming sessions include:

  • The science of Easter eggs.
  • A forensic archaeology evening.
  • Introduction to British Sign Language
  • A horticultural Science panel.
  • The latest resolution, promoting the interests of women and girls with ASD or ADHD.

Join our Team

We aim to mix earnestness with entertainment, and welcome anyone who would be interested in joining us. If you would like to observe one of our monthly meetings and are interested in being part of our team, then please contact us.

01845 522415